Hello again!

I feel like I’ve executed a world class disappearing act, and owe all of you an explanation.

This year has been very difficult. I wrote a dissertation, and got a freaking degree (big mood). But, sadly, I was also hit with a very unexpected dose of trauma and grief – something I’d like to discuss at a later date, in a longer post. I had to seek a lot of help in various online communities and, for that reason, I’d love to be able to provide similar resources here. But I still need time to mend, and time to work on how I might do that.

Sorry that’s all a bit brief and vague, but it’s been pretty painful, and I hope you understand why I felt the need to take a BIG step back.

Anyway, Yes Whale is a little run down, but I’m back to give it a fresh coat of paint. I want to rave about the (many) brilliant books I’ve read, talk to you about university, and maybe put some more of my writing out there. I want to turn this corner of the internet back into a second home for me, and hopefully somewhere for you to feel rested too.

(wow, what an arrogant subheading)


I should probably start by reintroducing myself.

Hello! If you’re new here, my name is Emily, and I (sometimes) look like that! Mostly, I’m rocking a hermit vibe. I’m 21, a writer, and have recently graduated with a degree in Literature from The University of Edinburgh.

I built Yes Whale in 2018, as a space to talk about my love of YA. It soon developed into a cornucopia of reviews, lists (I really like lists), lifestyle content, and writing. So, if any of that peaks an interest, feel free to follow along! I promise it isn’t always this bleak. Sometimes I can even be funny.

If you’ve stuck around (despite the fact I haven’t posted since September (I’m so sorry)), thank you. From the depths of my very fragile heart, thank you. I met a lot of wonderful people last summer, and I hope you’re all still around for me to pester when I return to Twitter.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you decide to stick around!




(SILVER LINING: I’ve been gone so long there’s a whole new era of Swift gifs!)


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